Callin’ Out to Mogeko Fanartists on Tumblr


If you have no issues with your artwork being reprinted without you being credited nor sourced, then go ahead and ignore this post. If you have issues with aforementioned but think you wouldn’t be reprinted from, don’t skip.

Yeah, I know this is a long shot and very unbecoming of me, but I just realised that they reprint Mogeko’s official works too, and that tips me over the edge.

Anyway, I was tracing a lead in search of a fanartist, and I found myself here. From what I can make of it, this is a Russian Facebook-like group who has been reprinting Mogeko fan art without permission, and without sourcing nor crediting the artists.

It may or may not surprise you to know that they reprint not only from Pixiv and Weibo but also Tumblr, so you’ve probably been reprinted from too. (at least, I think they do.)

I’ve listed down some of the people they’ve reprinted from: yana-ko, ishadowgirl89, luvoratorrrrry, rallyluna, pandadeiblackymoon, renietan, toumin, hisame1031, illydna, pvelephant

Also, I’m alarmed and appalled to see that they’re reprinting Mogeko’s works  without permission. Plus some of my acquaintances over in the Chinese fandom, e.g. mary-ko, vago dieter, waste, gai fei, xing huo, etc.

I was originally going to leave this as a message to all artists to watch out if you’re sensitive about being reprinted from without being credited, but now that Mogechan’s works are involved as well… And this has been going on for quite a few months without anyone doing anything already…

Can anyone speak Russian here?